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Class 2 Philippine Scuba Diving Destination

Surigao City has only been a full service scuba diving destination since around 2009, when the first dive shop opened near the Lipata Ferry Terminal, in Punta Bilar. A local hotelier, with a passion of the water, not only opened the first dive shop in Surigao City but also motivated the municipality to create a Marine Protected Area that stretches three kilometers along the coast from the ferry port and includes both shallow reef and wall diving areas.

Scuba Diving Location Surigao

Surigao City offers excellent scuba diving locations with coral reefs fed by water from the Pacific Ocean. Water clarity is excellent year-round and drift diving is always a option here, where the Pacific pushes its way into the Surigao Strait around the South of Dinagat Island.

For the adventurous, the fluid waters around the islands between Surigao City and Dinagat Island offer a wide variety of marine ecosystems and features, including blue holes and underground tunnels to explore. Most dive sites are within an hour's boat ride of Surigao City and the dive shop.

To the North and West of Punta Bilar are more than twenty identified dive sites but there are many more to find and name, so scuba diving Surigao can also give you the chance to name a new dive site – it is a scuba diving explorer's paradise in fact.

For technical divers there are numerous wrecks in the vicinity, but these are very challenging to dive because of the brisk tidal flows between high and low tide. Meticulous planning is required for technical diving in the vicinity of Surigao City but the rewards can be exceptional.

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Rent Scuba Diving Equipment In Surigao

Renting scuba diving equipment in Surigao City is easy. The Surigao Dive Center, at Punta Bilar, has all the clothing and equipment you need for recreational scuba diving. For technical diving you should contact the dive center in advance to make sure they can arrange what you need.

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