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Class 1 Philippine Freediving Destination

Freediving around Tablas Island is a bit of a challenge, partly because the island has so many deep water opportunities and partly because many are affected by quite voluminous tidal flows.

Tablas Island, unlike its closest neighbor - Romblon Island - is fortunate to have an airport with direct flights from Manila. This will ensure that freediving will continue to grow as a sport around the island, especially in the areas to the southwest.

The southwest coast of Tablas Island fronts the Tablas Strait - a deep body of water that is best visited during the northeast monsoon. Depths of 300 metres can be seen within a mile from the coast, around the municipalities of Santa Fe and Ferrol.

Freediving Locations Around Tablas


Near Ferrol the waters reach 200 metres within half a mile off shore, from Cabatungan Point and Guinawayan Point. The tidal flows are more easily managed here so the drift is limited.

Santa Fe

Off Santa Fe the waters reach 100-200 metres within half a mile off shore, from Capid Point and Tipolo Point. The tidal flows are more of a challenge here, especially during the ebb tide, but there is a fantastic gelato maker at a resort just south of the town where you can hang out and imbibe some of the best Italian gelato in Asia until the ebb tide subsides.

Tablas Blue Hole

The Tablas Blue Hole is perhaps the most interesting freediving location around Tablas Island. The Blue Hole is not the deepest dive - only around 28 metres - but offers one of the most visually spectacular freediving experiences in the whole of the Philippines. After bottoming out at 28 metres there is a 15 metre long passage that exits into another much shallower chimney where you can ascend to the surface. The corals and marine life will impress even the most experienced freedivers.

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Rent Freediving Equipment In Tablas

Renting freediving equipment in Tablas is relatively easy as there is at least one freediving school that specializes in the sport near the town of Ferrol, and where equipment is readily available for hours of freediving in the nearby waters.

If you are interested to learn freediving then Tablas offers that too, with at least one freediving school, where safety and enjoyment are offered with some exciting ashore experiences.

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