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Class 1 Philippine Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing Destination

Kiteboarding is a growing sport on Tablas Island. It has its origins in nearby Boracay - kiteboarders wanted to find a new place close, where they could kite without too many other people around. They came to Tablas and found beaches on the southeast shore to be very desirable. Tablas Island is only an hour or two (depending on your boat) from Boracay Beach.

The southeast coast of Tablas Island has a few bays with white sand beaches and no significant obstructions below or above the water. During the northeast monsoon season the winds are ideal for exciting kiteboarding and the scarcity of other fliers means that maximum enjoyment can be achieved.


Aglicay barangay, in the South-east of Tablas, features a pretty curving beach almost perfect for kiteboarding, with only a few rocky obstructions at the southern end. During the northeast monsoon this beach makes for good kiteboarding. The presence of at least one beach resort means that food and accommodation are readily available for those who prefer to stay close to the action.

Looc Bay

Looc Bay is a kiteboarding location mostly for beginners: easy water entry, gentle slopping sand beneath the water; and, very flat water.


Odiongan is a more dramatic location for kiteboarding, as it faces West to the open sea. Kiteboarding Odiongan is good for beginners and for experienced kiteboarders. Also, Odiongan, being the capital of Tablas Island, has numerous hotels and resorts to accommodate your kiteboarding adventure.

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Rent Kiteboarding Equipment In Tablas

Kiteboarding equipment rental on Tablas Island available in Odiongan but if you are planning to kiteboard elsewhere then you are advised to bring your own equipment. Kiteboard rental in Odiongan is around US$110 per day for a full kiteboard equipment set.

If you want to learn to kiteboard or rent equipment then you need to be in Odiongan where there is a kiteboarding school, offering a range of courses to suit you needs.

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