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Class 2 Philippine Scuba Diving Destination

Scuba diving in Tablas is very new, primarily because the island has, until recently, been largely an agricultural center without easy access for tourists. The southern tip of Tablas island is only a score of miles from its famous cousin: Boracay. Scuba diving on Tablas has developed as people have yearned for more than Boracay has to offer.

Tablas has only one PADI certified dive shop at this time, although more are planned. The scuba diving areas mostly explored to date are located around Looc Bay, on the southwest quadrant of the island. The famous San Augustine Blue Hole is located within the area of Tablas Island but is a long boat ride from the dive center in Looc Bay.

Scuba Diving Locations Around Tablas

There is no doubt that Tablas Island will offer many varied scuba diving locations as it is explored in more detail. Today, the majority of scuba diving is within an hour by boat from Looc Bay. The Bay itself has nothing to offer but at its entrance is a reef wall that extends for miles to the North and to the South. Along the reef off Looc Bay you may encounter Nautilus shell and many turtles as well as many shoals of pelagic fish. There are also likely many ship wrecks to be found, especially as Looc Bay is listed as a recognized typhoon shelter where, even today, ships seeking its shelter have come to grief on the coral at its entrance.

North of Looc Bay, in the vicinity of the municipality of Ferrol, many underwater caves have been found that are home to sharks and large grouper. Dugong are frequently seen here plus occasional whale shark. The reef walls are in pristine condition along most of their length and display a huge number of different soft and hard coral specie.

As mentioned above, the blue hole off San Augustine is technically within the marine boundary of Tablas Island but is a long haul by boat from Looc Bay. If you want to dive the blue hole it is perhaps better to voyage to it from Romblon town on the adjacent Romblon Island. For more information, check out scuba diving Romblon here.

If you are an explorer scuba diver then Tablas offers great incentive to boldly go where few have finned before. The superb clarity of Tablas's water (outside of Looc Bay), year-round, means that every diving experience could uncover something that nobody has seen before. For example: on a recent visit, a unique pansy shell was discovered in just a few locations along the coast, south of Looc Bay; a search on the Internet has failed to find a comparable pansy shell anywhere else around the globe.

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Renting Scuba Gear In Tablas

Renting scuba gear in Tablas is currently (2015) only possible in the resort town of Ferrol, just North of Looc Bay. PADI certified Divemaster and Instructors are available to provide guidance and tuition.

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