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Class 2 Philippine Snorkeling Destination

Snorkeling around Tablas has been pioneered by the communities around Looc Bay, located on the southwest corner of Tablas Island. Looc Bay itself has large areas of coral but these were ravaged by unsustainable fishing methods over past decades, and are only now coming back to life because large swathes of Looc Bay were designated as Marine Protected Areas. Along the remaining, extensive coastline of Tablas Island there are snorkeling areas waiting to be discovered and protected.

Snorkeling Locations Around Tablas

As mentioned above, Looc Bay caters for snorkeling tourism but to be truthful you have venture out to the edge of Looc Bay before any rewarding experiences may be found.

There are other areas where snorkeling is better (but where currently (2013) no equipment available) are near Buanavista, Binocut Beach and San Andres.

One of the highlights of snorkeling around Tablas Island is finding "pansy shells". Pansy shells are the remains of species of sea urchin that burrow in soft estuary sands, when the sea urchin dies its fragile, carbonate shell is all that is left.

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Renting Snorkleing Equipment In Tablas

Snorkeling equipment and hiring snorkeling guides in Tablas is challenging outside of Looc Bay. Tablas Island has only recently embraced tourism and over the coming few years many resorts and hotels will no doubt provide equipment. Best advice: if snorkeling is you passion then better check before you book a resort or hotel.

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