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Q: How to ask a question about a destination or an activity?

We are pleased to help where we can, after all we are the most complete source of all sports information in the Philippines. All of the information provided on All Sports Philippines is first-hand information from people who have been there and done it. If you have a question that is not answered on the website please send us an email now . . . with your help we can maintain the Philippines as the #1 sports destination in Asia.


Q: How to promote your business related to Philippine sports?

All Sports Philippines is the perfect place to promote you business related to Philippine sports. Everyone who visits a page is motivated to take part in the sport, in the specific destination they are viewing. Listing you company on a specific page for a specific sport produces excellent click-through results – the current click-through rate is around 17%! . . . you can't get that from Google or anyone else. You can promote your sport or travel related business on All Sports Philippines for as little as US$50, for one whole year. Email us now for full details.


Q: How to promote an upcoming sports event?

If you want to promote an upcoming sports event on All Sports Philippines and on our sister website ( then simply email the following and we will do the rest:

  • event title
  • event location
  • event date(s) – to and from dates
  • event details – history, who should participate, what are the benefits of participation
  • event photograph(s) – minimum 800 pixels wide image, could be action image or poster artwork
  • event participation cost
  • contact details – contact person, email, telephone, website URL


Q: How to advertise on All Sports Philippines?

To go beyond the basic listing on any given All Sports Philippines page you can place an image advertisement, to focus your audience on your business specifically (only three adverts allowed per page). Placing an image advertisement on All Sports Philippines is simple. Send to us by email:

  • an image advertisement with the dimensions 300px(w) x 250px(h)
  • your website URL
  • the page(s) where you want the advertisement to appear

Each image advertisement attracts a one-time fee of US$200, good for one whole year

If you want your advertisement to appear on more than one page we offer BIG discounts for advertisements on multiple pages. Email us now for details of multiple-page discounts.


Q: How to provide new information about a destination or an activity?

The information on All Sports Philippines was absolutely accurate on the day of publication. However, time marches on and so sometimes the information becomes out-of-date. If you find that information about any destination or any activity is currently inaccurate then please email the new information to us now.


Q: How to add a sports or destination photograph for a page-top?

All photographs displayed are designed to promote the location or the featured sport. All photographs are supplied by readers or writers and provided royalty free, the name of the photographer is added to each photograph used as recognition. If you have a stunning sports or destination image that you own and want to share then please email it to us now. Note: minimum image width is 980px, larger better to allow for cropping.


Q: How to add the airline RouteFinder to your website?

The airline RouteFinder application featured on this website is a plug-in developed by Lemon Sky Design - website and mobile App development specialists. For a small annual fee, the plug-in can be added to your website. It can be customized to give visitors full directions from the airport of arrival direct to your door. Find out more . . .



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